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All-time Favorite Drugstore Lip Gloss

Bonne Bell LipLites in Mocha Mousse

Bonne Bell LipLites in Mocha Mousse

From Bonne Bell: “Lip LITES® is the ultimate lip gloss! It provides smooth, glossy color and moisturizing shine. Sponge on 17 delicious flavors and shades.”

Why I love it:  It’s the PERFECT pink-brown lip color that looks great on lots of skin tones– including my fair, neutral, freckled skin-tone (with or without a tan).  It’s what I’d call a “natural-lip-but-better” color.  It’s not sheer, and yet is much more wearable than it appears in the tube.  The color is buildable to a darker shade with more coats.

The gloss is moisturizing, but less sticky than lots of other drug store brands.  The smell reminds me of a mocha latte and it has a slightly sweet flavor.

Comparable Product:  Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss – True Color in Protege.   Bonne Bell’s version is cheaper, more pigmented, and larger (.20 vs. .26 oz).  Oh, and way cheaper ($18 vs. $3.50).

Where to find it:  Drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc for about $3.50.  Can’t beat that!


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