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Favorite Drug Store Thickening Mascara

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara

Product Description: From Cover Girl: “Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast’s patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.”

Why I love it: Las Blast definitely lives up to Cover Girl’s claims.  My (slightly thinning, long, blond) lashes truly look doubly or tripley thick with this mascara, while enhancing the length.  The waterproof version lasts all day with minimum flaking or rubbing off.  The clumps are minimal, particularly when you don’t let your lashes dry between coats.  The large brush can be somewhat hindersome when reaching the short lashes at the corner of the eyes, but its manageable.

A Few Tips:  I have only used the waterproof version of LashBlast.  I truly don’t understand why anyone would use non-waterproof mascara, even with contacts.  It doesn’t last as long, rubs off, gives you raccoon eyes and doesn’t hold any curl in the lashes.  So stick with waterproof.

I usually use black mascara, even as a blond.  I used to use black-brown mascara during the day and black at night, but, frankly, the color is hardly that noticeable and black mascara just makes your eyes pop.

Finally, you should always wear mascara (and always apply it last); no look is finished without it.  Nothing looks more bizarre than a chick with a full face of make up, lots of eye shadow and no mascara;  it makes her look like she has no eye lashes!  If I only could choose three make up products to wear daily, it would be concealer, a face-brightening blush, and mascara.  You can look fresh-faced and healthy with just those three products.

Where you can find it: Drug stores, obviously, for around $7.  They tend to sell out– particularly at my CVS on near a college campus– but don’t worry, they’ve sold 7 million of them so I don’t foresee them discontinuing the line anytime soon!

PS: LashBlast Luxe is a total gimmick.  You can barely see any shimmer unless you’re a couple inches from your lashes and, even then, the shimmer effect is minimal.  Stick with the regular waterproof version.


Product Crush of the Day (ok, Lifetime): Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque

Mint Julep Masque

Mint Julep Masque

What it does:  Queen Helene’s Original Mint Julep Masque was originally a home remedy designed by a dermatologist to help dry up zits, remove blackheads and shrink pores.  It also provides a refreshing cooling feeling to the face (and smells fantastic) that can help ease tension lines in the face and neck.

Why I love it:  This incredibly cheap product works wonders on my zits.  If its just starting, it brings the zit to a head (so I can be a bad girl and pop it);  if its an existing pimple, it helps dry it out.  And it totally shrinks the enlarged pores around my nose (as does Aquaphor, but that’s another post..) and relaxes my forehead wrinkles.  I wish I could sleep in it, but its bright green and would totally kill my sheets.  Sometimes, I use it as a spot treatment and leave it on all day or evening while I’m around the house.  Its gentle enough that it dries out the acne without drying out the rest of my skin, although, for the record, I don’t have very sensitive skin.  I would spot test it first if you have sensitive skin.

Where you can find it:  Any drugstore, usually on the bottom shelf.  It costs about $3 for 8 oz.– and you can even find bottles with 33% more free (about 11 oz.).  Its a steal!

Haul of the Day

Sephora, MAC, Trade Secret and Bebe Haul

Sephora, MAC, Trade Secret and Bebe Haul

Welcome to Bargain Beauty Blog!

Welcome to Bargain Beauty Blog. You can call me K.  I’m a professional in her mid-20s, living in DC, and I have a major problem: I’m addicted to beauty products (especially nail polish and lip gloss).  I consider myself a professional bargain hunter (also known as a cheap-ass) and I will share all of my secrets with you!

You might say  say, “what makes this blog different from Scrangie, Bit by the Beauty Bug, VampyVarnish, e-polish Blog, All Lacquered Up, or The Polish Addict (my personal favorites)?”  Well, this blog is going to focus on bargains.  As much as I adore Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour and all things Sephora, I’m living on a budget.  Or at least, trying to.  So I wanna share my Beauty-On-A-Budget secrets and finds.  Drug stores are my Mecca.  Ebay and online wholesalers, my gods (except for nail polish– stick to my recommended nail polish e-tailers).

I plan on updating with beauty tips and tools, nail color swatches, and online beauty deals two to three times a week, so bookmark me and check back often!